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MILLI BAU. 5000 km to Paris

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In 1949, she was the only woman to take part in a three-year expedition to South America and later travelled around the world alone in a converted VW bus. The reports and photographs of the travel writer and photographer Emilia "Milli" Bau are an impressive testimony to an independent woman in Germany in the 1950s and beyond.

She travelled to North Africa, Pakistan, India, China, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Iran. From 1967, she lived in Tehran for seven years. She travelled through Siberia at the age of 88. She captured all of these journeys in photographs with her Rolleiflex: a glimpse into a world that was unknown in the West and no longer exists today.

The exhibition at the TU Kunstforum and in public spaces in Darmstadt and Frankfurt is the first of its kind to honour the work of journalist and photographer Milli Bau (*1906 Darmstadt - †2005 ibid.). Her impressive photographs bear witness to the more than 40 journeys that Bau undertook from 1948 onwards, later as features editor of the Hamburg newspaper "Welt". They are a sign of cosmopolitanism and cultural understanding - and an impressive testimony to an emancipated, fearless and curious woman.

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